Dazzling, Which Gardening Tool is Worth Starting?

Dazzling, Which Gardening Tool is Worth Starting?

If there is anyone in the world who prefers to use scissors than a hairdresser, it should be a gardening enthusiast. Pruning is one of people’s daily activities. But do you know how to choose a good scissors that suits you?

Different gardeners have different needs for scissors. From pruning shears to loppers, they are like reliable partners who help us to create a satisfying gardening work on the gardening road.

So how do you choose a good gardening scissors? Which kind of gardening scissors are you suitable for?

Pruning shears:

Using pruning shears to pruning flowers and trees is the main method for coordinating the reasonable growth of various parts of the flowers and trees, maintaining the tree shape, promoting the flowering results, and controlling pests and diseases. More importantly, the incisions are neat and hardly damage the flowers and trees. It can be used for pruning all year round. For example, in spring and summer, during tree growth period, those diseased branches, dead branches and thin branches can be cut off at any time, and long branches can be cut off or slightly cut.

Scope of application: all kinds of small plant pruning, shrub fruit tree pruning, etc.

Hedge shears:

When pruning, the force used causes the upper blade to gradually enter the branches, and the lower blade acts to support the branches, and the branches are continuously breaking. In addition, it is very labor-saving to use. However, before you start, make sure that the scissors are perpendicular to the plant at 90° and try to get the end of the blade close to the plant.

Scope of application: shrub trimming, grass trimming, etc.


The loppers can cut thick branches of 0-4 cm. The shape of the cutter head has a straight mouth shape and a crescent shape. Although the quality of the loppers is reliable, cutting dry soft wood are not advised.

The two blades of the loppers are different. One is used for cutting and the other is blunt for extrusion. Also the length of the handle should be adjusted according to the thickness of the branches.

In fact, it is also widely used to prune thick branches of fruit trees. The principle of leverage helps you cutting the thick branches without any effort.

Scope of application: fruit tree pruning, shrub pruning.

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