Door Stoppers

  • FLORA GUARD Door Stoppers- 2 Packs Premium Heavy Duty Wedge Rubber Door Stopper, Non-Scratching Door Stop, Anti-Slip Garden Stopper

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    SMART APPEARENCE: The door stopper is wedge shaped which is suitable for stopping the door.the incline of the stop is jugged, increasing friction between door and stopper, making it anti-slip.

    THICKENED SHEETMETAL: Sheetmetal is embedded in door stopper. With the sheetmetal, door stopper can withstand greater force. And the sheetmetal offers help in pushing and pulling door stopper.

    QUALITY MATERIAL: Door stopper is made of high-strength rubber, there’s no need to worry about it’s quality and service life.

    EASY TO CARRY: The stopper won’t take up much space and it works on all floor surface such as home, office, mall and so on.

    NOTE:Please kick the stop while using to make it tighter,Dust will reduce friction.

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